Monday, September 28, 2009

EKG - The Concept

Not all of us live in an area with an active knitting community, but the social aspect of knitting really does make the craft more exciting.  The knitting community is full of talented and helpful people who freely give encouragement, inspiration, and tips to fellow knitters.  Cynthia and I wanted to create an interactive online knitting group where knitters around the world can bring their ideas together in real-time. 

Please join us here on Saturday nights 11pm EST for our live recordings.

There are two ways to participate in the discussison.
1.  We have our personal chat room that runs in tandem with the show.  Fifteen minutes before the show starts a big purple button saying "Join In" will appear.  Simply click it to join the chat room.  You do not need to register with in order to join us.
2.  Call in and join in the discussion yourself.  We're eager to hear your stories and experiences with the yarns and patterns we're discussing in the episode.  Call (724) 444 - 7444.  At the prompt, enter our call ID followed by the pound key (63589#).  If you are not registered it will ask for you to enter 1#. 
We have rated the podcast PC (parental control) so we can say the title "Stitch and Bitch."  However,  we ask you to refrain from swearing.  We also request that you keep in mind that we all have different tastes, so please do not insult the work of a designer.  I can (and will) mute anyone who does not play nicely.

We look forward to hearing the voice of the knitting community and learning from all of you.

Thank you,
Kristen, cohost of EKG