Thursday, December 24, 2009

Podcast Holiday

Never fear, loyal listeners, EKG will return after the New Year. Not exactly sure when, but keep an eye on Talk Shoe for the next scheduled show.

There are many crazy stories to explain why we've been behind on podcasting, so you just have to tune in to hear about them!

From Kristen and myself, Merry Christmas (tomorrow) and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just kidding

Circumstances this weekend are leading to K and I not being in the same place when we record, nor recording tonight (Saturday). We'll keep in touch as to when we will be able to record the next show.

PS: I think the baby shower went well. But I'm so beat, there's no telling what I would have said on the show!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Sorry about Episode 9 not being posted. There were some prank callers and K would like to try to edit out that little bit so you all don't have to get irritated like we were. Of course, work and computer problems jumped in the way just as she was going to edit, so it's taking a little longer than hoped for.

Never fear, there will be a show this Saturday, talking about Baby knits! I'm throwing a friend a baby shower Saturday and K is coming along (she's friends, too), so we'll be all set to talk about the cool (or warm as it were) things to knit for babies! Call in or chat along to let us know your favorite baby knit patterns!

And the special bonus is we'll be together!!! Yes, I can tell you're excited.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Episode 9: Bookworms

I know that Kristen and I are bookworms in general, and many of you are as well, however, this week we're talking about knitting books. That could be stitch dictionaries, general pattern books, ethnic or regional books (Estonian lace, Latvian mittens, etc.), books written by knitters, or books written about knitters. If it's a book and it involves knitting, we want to talk about it! Call in or chat along with us Saturday, December 5 at 11PM and let us know what books you love and can't live without when it comes to our fibery obsession!