Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Episode 5: Needles

No, not the creepy kind that they use at the hospital and make ever so many people faint. The pointy sticks that we put our yarn on! Metal vs. wood, circular vs. double point, square vs round (yes, square). Everyone has an opinion, even if they love them all! Tune in to hear our opinions and call in or chat with your own!

And after, don't forget to Fall Back!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Episode 4 teaser: SAFF!!

This weekend, Kristen and I will be together, IN THE SAME TOWN, as we drive to Asheville, NC for SAFF, the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair ( This will be my first fiber festival, so be sure to tune in Saturday night to hear all about our antics, my fiber coma, and to see how nutty we are late at night being in the same room! There's just no telling.

On a side note, K and I both want to say thanks to everyone who has downloaded or streamed the podcast. Please feel free to chat along with us or call in. That's the point of this medium, after all! So, take advantage!

"See" you on Saturday!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ok, so Kristen was traveling Saturday night and I was at a conference, therefore, the crazy hats episode is being moved to this coming Saturday, October 17th. We'll both be there, using hat patterns to channel our craziness! See you then!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Hats!!

Soooo, Kristen is crazy-busy right now, with traveling home to see the fam for a few days, moving into a new apartment, and starting a new job, so she hasn't had time to put up show notes yet. Please be patient with her/us, since I don't have internet at home and am stealing some time at work to write this little teaser.

This Saturday, episode #3, will be about Crazy Hats, perhaps as a nod to her crazy life right now. I, however, will be out of town at a conference and likely won't be able to call in to co-host. This may be a shorter show, but hats are funny in general and crazy hats are especially and purposefully funny. Good times.

So, tune in Saturday night at the usual 11PM EST to see what comes up!