Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Episode 24 - Fur Balls

We're back!!! And this week, we're talking about knitting in homes with pets. K and I both have "fur babies" and sometimes they make knitting a challenge. But we love them, so we are still tempted to knit them little things!
Come chat and gab along with some patterns for pets (clothes, toys, beds) and solutions to keep your pets out of your fiber! As usual, we'll bring some ideas, too!
See you then!

EDIT: You can find the show here!

Show Notes:

Muppet Pelt Assmat by Laura Wilson-Martos
10-stitch Twist by Frankie Brown

Mally chillin' on the bearskin rug~

Whale Cat Toys by Vicki Mikulak
Feline Dim Sum by Julie Falatko
Fetch by Kris Knits

Dog Sweater 102-40 by Drops Design Studio

Finally, some sleeping baby pictures. Just because I can!

Mally @ 3 months - medicine cap included for scale.

Penny @ 2 months - my butt included for scale. . . .

And now, Mona the wonder kitty!

Nov. 2006 (about 1.5 years after adoption)
Mona and her favorite toy: A shoestring!
Dec. 2009
Much fatter and sassier in Grandma's kitchen.

Be sure to share pictures of your fur babies, too!

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