Thursday, February 25, 2010

Episode 17-Spring Forward

This week (as in, tomorrow) we will be wishing our way into Spring by talking about some "springy" patterns that have caught our attention and some yarn suggestions for those patterns. Call in or chat along with your own suggestions! Spring means something different to every person, so let us know what it means to you!

Also, I want to apologize for the questionable sound quality of the last show. Normally, we each have our own phone/mic but this past week we were sharing and I don't think the mic was catching us equally. Not to mention we broke into giggles every two minutes. This week should be more like what you've heard in the past, quality- and giggles-wise.

Can't wait to hear your ideas! Remember, Fridays at 10PM now!
Show Notes:

Cynthia is knitting a felted bag inspired by the Candy Stripers Laptop Bag. (Is it sad that I typed Candy Strippers at first?)

Spring Publications
Interweave Preview
Vogue Preview

Spring-Inspired Yarns
Lopi, the Wonderful Wool - Lots of hand-dyed pastels; shipping only $3.50 from Iceland!
Stricken Smitten - blues, greens, and purples - the colors of nature!  Has some bamboo blend sock yarns
Silk and Shine - lots of colors seen in flowers, saturated hues.  Both yarns and rovings available

Patterns for Spring Weather
Bell Curve by Kira Dulaney
Katrina Ballerina Lace Layering Cardigan by Nicole Feller-Johnson
Foreign Corespondent's Scarf by Lexy Lu

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