Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Episode 18 - Space Invaders!

This week we're discussing our UFOs, unfinished objects! We're braving the bottom of the knitting bag and owning up to what we've neglected! Join us as we talk about what made us want to start the project, what made us put it down, and why we never seemed able to pick it up again. Call in to tell us your stories about UFOs and give us some advice about how to get them finished! See you Friday night at 10PM!!

Show Notes:

Magic Loop @ knittinghelp.com
Malabrigo Sock - I think Cynthia is using Chocolate Amargo

Cynthia's UFOs
Cabled Vest from Knit So Fine - ripped
Mommy Socks! - secret stealthy gift knitting
Mommy Afghan (her own pattern)

Kristen's UFOs
Tangled Yolk Cardigan
OWLs Sweater

Drawings for the contest will be held next week.  You can see the prize here!  Go to our Ravelry group to participate!

And finally - Muppet Aliens (made of a fun fur-like material!)

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