Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Episode 19 - Reel to Real

Join us this week as we talk about movie and tv inspired patterns! From Harry Potter to Twilight, Lord of the Rings to The Holiday, knitwear is all over! Whether the patterns are remakes or just inspired by characters, what we watch influences what we knit. Be sure to call in, chat along, or leave us some ideas to include here or on the ravelry group! Don't let your favorites go unmentioned!

Also, we'll be drawing for our 5K download yarn winner! You've still got a few days to enter, so leave us a comment and you're in!

See you all Friday at 10pm!

Show Notes:

Cynthia is knitting Mommy socks, a baby bib, and a burpcloth (her own pattern).

Congratulations to Karli29 who won a skein of Spritely Goods' Spring Tulips fingering weight yarn.  Email us at ekgpodcastatgmaildotcom! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Just for fun - the yarn quiz!  Apparently I've had a radical personality shift, and am now Merino wool - SWEET! What type of yarn are you?

Movie/Show Knits:

Pushing Daisies - Ned's Toasty Hat and Scarf - check out that gorgeous example by Orna!

Star Trek -
Star Trek Jr. - for the geeky babies in your life.
Pot Holders - they are double-knit.  Very cool!
Fairisle Charts
Leia Wig

Coraline's Gloves
Coraline's Star Sweater

Harry Potter
Hogwarts Scarves
Prisoner of Azkaban-style Scarves
Potter Puppet Pals Finger Puppets - (crochet)

The Holiday
Fireside Sweater - not technically designed after the one in movie but we <3 it just as hard!

Twilight Series
Bella's Mittens
Rosalie's Lunchtime Scarf

Wash's Sweater
Jayne Cobb Hat - there are so many patterns for this hat - find the one that suits you best!

Find the show on iTunes as "Electronic Knitting Group" or download/stream directly from talkshoe.

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  1. I took the yarn quiz and I'm Shetland Wool! Not sure how accurate it is, but there's my answer! Thanks for posting it, K!