Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Episode 20- Teach a friend to knit and she'll always be warm

This week we're talking about tips for teaching new knitters and some help for said new knitters. You've heard the old saying "Teach a man to fish. . .", well, this is the knitting version.

Be sure to call in with your stories about teaching someone to knit or when you learned. Share tips for the newbies in our audience, too!

We'll have an announcement about the break and what to expect when we get back, so tune in!

Show Notes:

General Knitting Announcements:
It is almost time for Webs' annual yarn sale in April and May
Berocco has released the sock star booklet!
Smiley's Yarns (Moda Dea Washable Wool, an EKG podcast favorite, is on sale!)

Great resources for new knitters:
Knitting videos
Help from the knitting community at Ravelry.

Show Announcements:
This will be our last "official" podcast for a while.  Cynthia will be out for surgery for the next 2-6 weeks.  I will keep you updated on her convalescence.
In the meantime, I will be doing some mini-podcasts about some photography techniques.  The first topic will be about how to photograph yarn and will have an in-depth tutorial here on blogger.

Download or stream the show at talkshoe, or find it listed under Electronic Knitting Group on iTunes.

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